Hello and welcome to Bliss Photography and Studios!  I am the a freelance photographer and New Englander.

Photography is my hobby and my passion.  

I learned photography from my college roommate who loved to climb mountains, travel and bring back memorable photos of all his wonderful adventures. I was lucky to learn from the best. 

Around the same time I also started shooting the Duxbury Summer Series which grew to include shooting other sailboat races in and around New England.  I love everything about being on the water - the sights smells and sounds of the ocean.  I also love hiking the woods and exploring trails all around the world. I may add some travel photos in the future (stay tuned).  

I've always been passionate about animals and wildlife.  The Wildlife series is from the seacoast, local waterways and ponds near our home in Southern New Hampshire.  I can lose all track of time as I sit quietly in the woods or on the beach in my blind waiting for exciting things to happen.  

I enjoy shooting Portraits and Weddings. This started with friends and has grown to include families who return every year for their holiday cards. I always look forward to see how much the kids have changed year to year. 

It's important to give back to our community and this year I offered free photo shoots for clinicians and their families who are on the front line of the COVID pandemic.  I am looking forward to having time to do more charity work in the coming years.   

If you like my work please get in touch.  If you would like to schedule a photo session drop me a line and we will try and find a good time (weather and work schedules permitting).   



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